Intertribal Cultural Event with the Cherokee Nation Friday May 18, 2018

About this event:

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CCIE will be having a community information booth at this event for both days, so stop by and support your community. If you would like to volunteer to help man the booth contact JanAnnette @

Friday May 18, 2018 3:00pm to 7:00pm


Stickball Clinic with Carly Blemmel & Taylor York, Choctaw brother & sister, and will give instruction on the game.  Joining us from Tahlequah is Char Wolfe, Rachel Bearpaw, Niece of Wilma Mankiller, Felicia Olaya, Daughter of Wilma Mankiller, Carly Blemmel, Taylor York, and Dawnena Squirrel. 

Abraham Bearpaw will be the coordinator for this event, he is a Citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and is the Language & Cultural Specialist for the Torres Martinez Tribal TANF- San Jacinto site.